The GlobalLog Ltd, i.e. its predecessor in title was founded in 1997 by the owners at that time in order to establish and operate the Szeged Industrial and Logistics Centre, in short SZILK. The Center is situated off the main road leading to M5 and M43motorways, covering an area of 46 hectares.

The establishment has grown into an intermodal Logistic Centre and Industrial Park.

Our main goal is:

  • to develop a circle of high quality settlers and service companies that meets the requirements of the economic, commercial and service zone, and in connection with that
  • to initiate quality and quantity developments in the area of SZILK

Having all the above mentioned in mind SZILK can offer a wide range of services for those already settled and companies planning to settle in. We ensure high quality service that adapts to the needs of investors and the market.

Companies settled in
Warehouses to let