Among the conceptions of the town-development strategy of Szeged  it is defined as a primary objective to attain an important role in the area as a regional distributor and logistical centre.

The turnover of the Centre is expected to increase significantly in the next years due to the economical and commercial location of the Szeged Industrial Logistic Centre (SZILK) and the construction of M43 motorway. The increase in the turnover might be assisted by the gradual economical development of our neighbours on the southern and eastern side of the borders.

There is a race not only with domestic competitors but with the Logistic Centres abroad, next to the borders.  To win this race we needed to establish and operate a centre that satisfies correlating, high quality demands. The development of the towns in the area and the neighbouring countries, the factual needs of their economy and the optimization of international transport costs justify the operation of a centre providing logistic services and relating activities. The continuous development and modernisation of the basic infrastructure and services are also important.

Due to the developments in the Centre it is possible to harmonise the complementary business activities and services of more and more firms, which helps them to develop by assisting one another. The settling in of new companies might result in new jobs or in the expansion of existing ones, which can have a result of increasing the living standard within the town.

It is among our targets to develop the local infrastructure, to create new jobs and improve the conditions of the existing ones at the same time. Thus we strive to increase the competitiveness of the local companies.

One of the main goals of GlobalLog Ltd. is to run a logistic centre that offers a wide range of services in order to help Szeged to play an even more effective and successful part in the economic market.

The developments of GlobalLog Ltd are supported by the European Union and co-financed by the European Regional Developing Fund.



Developing an Industrial Park in Szeged by GlobalLog Ltd.

The project was granted subvention in the framework of the New Hungary Developing Plan Southern Plains Operative Programme identified as „The infrastructural development of industrial areas, industrial parks and incubators”



The project was granted subvention in the framework of Economy Development Operative Programme identified as „The development of logistic centres and services”.