Developing an Industrial Park in Szeged by GlobalLog Ltd.

The project was granted subvention in the framework of the New Hungary Developing Plan Southern Plains Operative Programme identified as „The infrastructural development of industrial areas, industrial parks and incubators”


  • The planned time of starting the project is 24th September, 2009
  • The deadline of the project is 31st December, 2010
  • The project is executed by the candidate.

Organisation involved:

DARFÜ Southern Plains Regional Development Agency Non-profit Ltd.


Mont-Org Ltd.
3214 Nagyréde, Zrínyi u. 2/A


Talent-Plan Ltd.
9023 Győr, Richter J. u. 11.

Granted subvention: HUF 234.777.977,-

The project consists of two stages:

  • Construction of the plant. The project enables the building of a plant of 2444 square meters with the related infrastructure (road, system of public utilities etc.) on the building site owned by GlobalLog Ltd.
  • An outside expert was commissioned to manage the project in order to ensure the successful  execution.
  • The total expenditure is HUF 481. 595. 850.-